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September 25, 2015


Good morning Ballet fans,


Welcome to the very first PolkaDots Traveling School of Dance Blog Post!


The opening of our Fall classes:


The first weeks of classes was a success. Students were put through a set of movement tests through a series of fun and energetic games to better understand the skill level of each individual class and student. Both the children and teacher had a lot of fun in this task and are now feeling ready to begin their dance training.


Upcoming next week:


Please bring your children to class with no closed toe tights. We will be putting stamps in the inside of students ankles to create a visual guide to keep feet properly turned out. Kids love this activity and is a integral tool in building the students confidence in foot position and all around dance.

The recital in December:


For our recital in December we will be doing excerpts from “Cinderella” polkadots style. Each class level will have different role to play in the accumulated story telling of this classic ballet. The entire recital will take place in 801 magnolia. Recital dates to follow.


Teacher News:


Classes were canceled Friday due to the teacher experiencing vertigo late Tuesday through Thursday. I apologize for an inconvenience. Doctors say there is nothing to worry about and was likely caused by BPPV. Classes are set to being again next week.

Website News:

Parents have asked for additional tap dance curriculum, short tap videos are set to grace the website next week. Please go, click more and then 2 minute ballet archive to view them.



Thank you all and have a great weekend,
Heather Aren’t



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Life As A PolkaDot

September 25, 2015

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September 25, 2015

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A Letter From Miss Heather:

Dear Parents and cherished students, ​​

I hope you are all well and your families are safe and healthy.

During this time of World wide shelter in Place due to Covid-19 please take a moment to look around at what you see.

I see our normal gestures of love (A Hug, a habdshake, a high 5) are being

adapted into something new .Really look and know the empty streets are not a sign of isolation but, a sign of our caring for each other.  KNow that the distance of 6 feet between people is a gesture of kindness, know that the worlld is working together in health and harmony to protect each other and know that we are living through will your story from this time be told?

With Sincerety and Love,

Miss Heather 

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