Acro + Yoga

Classes levels offered for ages 2-10 years

Learn the fundamentals of tumbling and yoga in tandem with cooperative team building, Balance, movement and mindfulness.

each class consists of:


Progressive yoga sequencing


Obstacle course

Wall balancing 

Tandem yoga

Group games

Mindfulness meditation

Pre Ballet and Kinder Classes:


Pre Ballet and KinderClasses are offered in three levels. Each with developmental and social emotional stages in mind.

Speckles: Pre-Ballet Level 1

For our youngest Ballet dancers. Brand new to movement or dance. ages 3-5 years

Freckles: Pre- Ballet level 2

For tiny dancers with some movment experience ages 3-5 years.

Spots: Kinder and TK Ballet

For dancers in TK or Kindergarten ages 4.5-6 years

Kinetic Kids Movement


This class is offered for all ages. classes divide into 2 groups. Ages 18 months-3 years (parent participation) and 3-5 years

Students learn the basics of rhythm. IE how to distinguish and move to regular, micro and macro beats.all through energy packed movement games. Every week we do a yoga move and dance to different song from a world culture.

Ballet Classes

Dot's (Beginning Level 1)

 Ages 5-9 years. Learn grace, poise, basic steps and proper positions through the joy of ballet. This class is designed for older students with no previous dance experience.


Polka Dots (Beginning Level 2)

 Designed for graduates from pre-ballet, these classes are geared towards combination steps, finger positioning and proper turnout in an advanced dance setting.

Day Camps & Private Lessons


​Day Camps

Offered in 3-7 hour day camps each running Monday-Friday. These camps include class, snack a craft project and ballet centered games and a small recital on the last day of camp.

Private lessons

These classes offer a personal evaluation and focus on week points in student’s technique, poise and posture.

Tap Dance Classes

Pre-Tap Ages 3-5.

Foundations of rhythm and basic tap steps set to familiar songs and rhymes especially for pre-school age children.


Beginning Tap 


 Learn rhythms of tap through basic steps, set to familiar songs, games and rhyme. (Tap shoes required) Ages 5-11 years

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A Letter From Miss Heather:

Dear Parents and cherished students, ​​

I hope you are all well and your families are safe and healthy.

During this time of World wide shelter in Place due to Covid-19 please take a moment to look around at what you see.

I see our normal gestures of love (A Hug, a habdshake, a high 5) are being

adapted into something new .Really look and know the empty streets are not a sign of isolation but, a sign of our caring for each other.  KNow that the distance of 6 feet between people is a gesture of kindness, know that the worlld is working together in health and harmony to protect each other and know that we are living through will your story from this time be told?

With Sincerety and Love,

Miss Heather 

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