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     ACRO + YOGA Classes


PolkaDots introduces our new curriculum "Acro + Yoga"

Classes levels offered for ages 2-10 years

Learn the fundamentals of tumbling and yoga in tandem with cooperative team building, Balance, movement and mindfulness.

     Each class consists of:

     * Stretching

     * Progressive yoga sequencing

     * Tumbling

     * Obstacle course

     * Wall balancing 

     * Tandem yoga

     * Group games

     * Mindfulness meditation

Giving Back:​
 PolkaDots is dedicated to the environment. We firmly believe in a "Recycle, Renew, Re-use" philosophy and we, as dancers, are doing our part. Polka Dot's would like to ask that all parents bring in their children's out grown ballet slippers, tap shoes and leotards to pass on to future dancers in need. As you know these items can be costly, we humbly ask that you donate these items and do your part to support future dancers and brighter tomorrow today. 


Register for Spring Classes and Summer Camps 2019

What's up my sleeve Now:


Welcome back PolkaDot-ers!!!


Sign ups for Fall classes have begun!!

Our Theme for Winter 2019 Dance classes is:

"LolliPop, LilliPop"

Take a Peek at our Brand new class Acro + Yoga at the Montclair Recreation Dept. offered Thursdays!!!


Registration  for fall Winter 2019 is open. Please click the "registration" link to the left for more info.



​"This fall, my daughter Claire took ballet classes from Heather over a period of several weeks. Claire absolutely loved the classes, and they provided a great introduction to ballet. Heather was dedicated tomaking the classes a great experience for the students, and she put a lot of energy and time intopreparing for each class. She incorporated music, costumes, performances, snacks, and craft projects into the classes. Heather is wonderful with children, and children respond very well to her. She balances a high level ofcreativity and enthusiasm with a calm, in-charge demeanor. The students in her dance class learned alot and had a great time. Heather even sent home a checklist of key ballet positions and movements with an assessment of where each student was in her learning process." -C.W.

"My daughter Sydney loves polka dot ballet!  Heather is a warm, talented, and fun ballet instructor.  My daughter has learned so much and is eager to attend class each week.  Having grown up a dancer myself, I have been really impressed with the technique my daughter has learned from Heather at just 4 and 5 years old!"​ -N.D.

"Heather Aren't teaches my four year old daughter ballet.  Heather is creative, patient and wonderful with the girls.  Each week my daughter comes home from class and shows me her favorite new steps." _J.L.

"I have known Heather for three years as a nanny, teacher and woman.  She is truly amazing with children.... She is 100% dedicated to the children she is with and seems to infuse a piped piper spirit as other kids join in on her fun. She has also taught my daughter ballet.  Her ability to control the classroom, inject enthusiasm into the subject, and captivate her pupils is amazing.  The girls LOVE the class and eagerly return weekly to learn more about the (beginning) technical aspects as well as magical spirit of ballet.

Lastly, Heather is a very professional, pleasant and happy woman.  I trust her 110% with my child as well as enjoy my own interactions with her.   I truly learn from her skills as a child care professional and respect her commitment, spirit and persona." -B.P.