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     ACRO + YOGA Classes


PolkaDots introduces our new curriculum "Acro + Yoga"

Classes levels offered for ages 2-10 years

Learn the fundamentals of tumbling and yoga in tandem with cooperative team building, Balance, movement and mindfulness.

     Each class consists of:

     * Stretching

     * Progressive yoga sequencing

     * Tumbling

     * Obstacle course

     * Wall balancing 

     * Tandem yoga

     * Group games

     * Mindfulness meditation

Giving Back:​
 PolkaDots is dedicated to the environment. In 2019 PolkaDots bought carbon credits to balance 3 times the car emissions used to commute to all PolkaDot's classes. We are doing our part to help combat climate change. For information on how you can purchase carbon Offset credits I recommend this sight: 


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What's up my sleeve Now:


Happy New Year PolkaDot-ers!!!


Sign ups for 2020 classes have begun!!

Our Theme for Spring 2020 Dance classes is:

"In The Magic Garden"

Take a Peek at our Brand new class Acro + Yoga at the Montclair Recreation Dept. offered Thursdays!!!


Registration  for 2020 is open. Please click the "registration" link to the left for more info.



      Director, Teacher, Dancer


  I began my formal training at the age of 15, though I have been dancing all my life. I trained in Ballet until I was 22 and then, finding no market for my talents, I rebelled and began dancing tango, swing, belly dance, salsa, African, and blues; anything I could get my hands on that wasn't ballet. I directed a cabaret troupe for 4 fun filled years. Then, the year before my daughter was born, I came back to ballet. I became a certified dance teacher and began my classes, writing my own curriculum that taught the joy of dance on my own terms. I have an early childhood education certificate as well as 2 years of child psychology and 15 years of hands on experience with children, in and out of the classroom. I feel honored and truly lucky to do what I love for a living and work diligently for each and every one of my students.

             Sawyer Seche

 Teacher, Board member, Dancer 


My interest in dance was first ignited by the excitement of Lindy Hop swing when I was 14 years old. I have since expanded my social dancing to jitterbug, east coast swing, and blues fusion. I'm currently dancing jazz, contemporary, and ballet in college, with a focus on a degree in dance. When I'm not dancing, I'm training in  circus partner actobatics. I have 5 years experience teaching children in my community, everything from math to music to dance. I've also been enjoying my time as a respite care providor to autistic children for 2 years and going. I delight in working with children and strive to create an atmosphere of commaraderie, encouragement and daring!












PolkaDots Philosophy

Dance and Movement is for everyone and it is not a competition. Movement is about what unique energies we can bring out in each child. Polkadots creates a foundation to enjoy movement and the learning process, to help each class become a team and notice differences as strengths in each other. We create positive body and spatial awareness through movement games, exercises, challenges and repetition. All class curriculums are progressive in nature and built to move your child forward through the foundations of Ballet, Tap dance, Yoga and Acrobatics.



Our Traveling School brings dance to your community, home and children. By Offering a diverse set of classes that can be taught in your own home, child's school, or public building we cut down on the overhead costs of renting a studio space. This not only makes it convenient to our students and parents but, a savings is passed on to our clientele, making dance affordable and accessible to a wider range of students. I believe that dance is for EVERYONE and this is how i am making that possible.




Polka Dot's began 5 years ago as a twinkle in my eye. I had been pep talking my sister during her personal economic downturn. I had said to her " You are looking at this from the wrong perspective, You have space to make active choices about your future career....So, if you could do anything what would you want to do?" Driving back home in my car i thought about this question. What would i want to do if i could do anything?

I organized my thoughts.

1) I would want to continue working with children.

2) I would want to have the opportunity to continue dancing.

3) I would want to teach.

I could be a Children's.....Dance.....Teacher!!!

Believe it or not I was surprised by this epiphany. It  filled me with a sense of fate, serendipity and gave me a focused goal to work toward.

I began working immediately on my certification and a rigorous study of all things dance. Taking into consideration my background in child psychology, Ballet and early childhood education i began writing my own curriculum for my very first dance classes.

The rest is history.....or fate......or both.